Friday, March 26, 2010


Here is a set of vintage machine drawers that I have brought to a new life with beautiful Crazy Quilting. All done in the pastel pinks and greens that go with that Shabby Chic, Romantic, Cottage Style. Price is $125.00 with free shipping........ SOLD TODAY 1/30/11

All lace has been hand painted with dye........ Beads hand sewed...... Silk ribbon embroidery...
Buttons and Rhinestone bling.
Payment can be made with money order or personal check, shipping when check clears bank. Contact me for shipping charges. Thank you so much for looking.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Pat


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Pat Sweetie...
How beautiful these drawers are with the beautiful quilted top. I love the colors, the lace, the beadwork, oh my gosh it is absolutely exquisite. Even the beautiful trim that you edged with, just gorgeous.

I am so totally surprised that you can let go of it. It is just so beautiful.

While bloghopping today I found you, I am thrilled. I have signed up to keep up with what you list and share. So beautiful sweetie. Thank you. I would love to have you stop by and say hi. I would be honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

She Uses Her Words said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Pat. I just found you and have become a follower.
Best Regards, xo, Karen

traderslostart said...

Keep thinking you will post again, or if you changed blogs, you would give the name, but you haven't posted in over 4 years. Hope you are okay.
God Bless,

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